Eight and nine weeks after surgery

Nine weeks since I had my total hip replacement surgery!

And we forgot to make an eight weeks update, but right now there isn’t much that is happening.
I’m doing fine and I work with my physical therapy. I’m more bored now and because I feel so good I try to run everywhere. But my hoomans is making me take it easy so I won’t hurt myself because even if I feel better it’s still a important time. The bone has just begun to grow together with the prosthetic so it can still go wrong if I don’t continue to follow the vet’s advice.

I’m still only allowed to take 20 min walks, but we have advanced in physical therapy and mom bought me some paw pods from Fitpaws. So we will use them at home when I’m doing my homework from the physical therapist. I wanted to chew and play with them the first time we tried! But mom told me that’s not how you use them properly…

It’s only one month left until I have my next vet visit, we will meet the specialist and take some new x-rays. We hope so much that it will look great! Paws and fingers crossed!

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