First day home

Today was my first day home.

My hoomans didn’t really know what to expect when we came home. Would I be in a lot of pain? Would I be restless? Would I jump on three legs?

When we came home yesterday late evening both my hoomans and I were really tired, they had so many thoughts that were spinning around. They felt overwhelmed, so many feelings! It was so emotional when they picked me up from the vet, mommy cried and I just wanted to explode but I wasn’t allowed to. Daddy was the one manage the whole thing with some grace even if he was super happy to see me too.

But today after a good night sleep we were starting to figure out our new routines and everything felt so much better.
I don’t seem to be in a lot of pain, you are always in a bit of pain after a surgery. I actually use my leg pretty much, especially when we are out “walking” – my walks right now is 5 – 10 minutes with a sling under my belly as a support. I’m only allowed to go out to do my business if you know what I mean..
But the first day at home went good! We removed my bandage so my wound can be aired. It looks like it healing really well.
Hope tomorrow will be as good as today. <3

Doesn’t it look good?


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  1. Sending our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for you Leia! We’re so happy your surgery went well!! Stay strong and positive!❤❤

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