Five weeks after surgery

Five weeks since I had my total hip replacement surgery!

This has been the week where it’s starting to feel like we are back on track.
I did my fist vet visit after the surgery, they took x-rays of my hips to see that everything was still in place. You can see how it looks in my previous post –

And when we knew that everything looked good we had our first physical therapy session!
I got to walk (really slow) in the water treadmill. I got to walk 3 min x 2 and of course the obligatory laser treatment. We will do physical therapy at least once a week from now on. We do some balance exercises twice a day at home so I will learn to put weight on my left leg. I’m not used to put full weight on it because I have been in pain for so long so I need to learn to do that.

I’m allowed do walk 10-15 minutes now and I don’t need the sling all the time, so nice to be able to pee and poo without my hoomans standing soooo close.
But it’s hard to be take it easy all the time, it’s boring… But I have got some puzzles from Nina Ottosson, I need to use my brain to solve them and it makes me really tired. Both me and my hoomans loves them!

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