Four weeks after surgery

Four weeks since I had my total hip replacement surgery!

This four weeks has gone great. No limping, no sign of pain! Time is going so fast, can’t imagine it was four weeks ago I had my surgery. It’s pretty boring to not be allowed to do anything but now I will be able to take 10 min active walks, not just out and pee. We are excited to see how my leg will handle the more active walks.

Today is the last day they will have to check my temperature, I hate that thermometer.. You all know where they put it… 🙁

On Thursday I will have my first check up at the vet, they will take some x-rays to see that everything looks good and they will look how I walk with my new hip. We are excited! I pawmise to let you know how it goes!

And on Saturday if everything looks good I will start with my physical therapy again, I’m looking forward to start training again!

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