Test Report – Hurtta Hiker Belt

Some of you know that we are a part of Hurtta’s test group. They send us some stuff now and then for us to try and evaluate and I’m going to share our test reports here on the blog with you! And of course it’s from my hoomans perspective and not mine so here is some words on the Hiker Belt from my hooman.

So in our latest package with test products we got the amazing Hiker belt.
The hiker belt is perfect for the longer walks, hiking in the woods or canicross. It’s nice to be able to put the dog around your waist instead of holding the leash and you can have it for extra safety if you drop the leash your dog is still attached to you.

The hiker belt has everything I have been looking for, I have tried other belts before and there is always something missing but this one has all the things I could wish for. It has a good flexible section in the front with a good panic lock for safety, it has a great fit and with the leg straps it really stays in place.

It has a pocket for your mobile phone with a earphone output and even my big phone fit in the pocket. It also has a pocket for the water bottle which is nice because I never know where to put the bottle when I don’t want a backpack with me.

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