Less than a week!

It’s less than a week left to my vet appointment.

Yesterday I had my last physical therapy session before the big vet appointment next week. I didn’t perform my best, we don’t know why but probably because I’m a bit lazy after my heat… Sorry mom you know these hormones is just crazy! And then they put me on a diet, they said that I’m a bit chubby! How dare them?!

Mom is nervous about my vet appointment, it’s a big day! We will take some new x-rays of my hips and see if I have gotten some side effects from my medication and we will know if I’m going to have surgery or not. It’s a big surgery so I can understand that she’s nervous, I would have if I wasn’t a dog!

img_0598I always end my therapy session with some Pro sport dog from Aptus!

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  1. My Leia was born with deformed hips. It’s gotten worse but she’s older now. She starts PT soon hopefully to help her to NEVER have surgery! Good luck to Leia!

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