Seven weeks after surgery

Last Tuesday we celebrated seven weeks since my surgery!

It’s now all the fun begins, we are allowed to take 20 min walks. I’m allowed to walk in the woods and not only on plain surfaces. I’m allowed to start walking in stairs again, slowly but it’s a start. I’m have a bigger pen now so I can walk around more inside, I don’t have to be so still as possible any more.

Life is starting to get back to normal, the most critical time is over now.
They say that my bone is starting to grow together with the prosthetic now, it will take about 8 weeks for it to be fully grown together. So you could say that we are half way through the rehab time now. Guess how happy we are for that?!
So today we took a 20 min walk in the sun, the snow is melting and it feels like the spring is coming. We welcome spring with open paws! We went to the other side of our neighborhood, I haven’t been there since before the surgery. I thought it was exciting. Now I’m tired and have to take a long long long nap and enjoy some belly rubs.

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  1. I’m very happy that everything is going so well!!!!!.😘😘.
    Your IG friend @bimba_terremoto.

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