Six weeks after surgery

Six weeks since I had my total hip replacement surgery!

Time is just flying by, feels like it was forever since I had the surgery. I’m so happy and full of life, nothing can stop me now!

I’m doing physical therapy twice a week from now on and today I got to go 5 min x 2. I’m getting so tired after such short time, it’s because I have lost so much muscles during my recovery. I lost my muscles really fast so it was good that I was in great shape before the surgery otherwise it would be a lot harder now.

Mommy is happy after our physical therapy sessions because then I’m sleeping all evening and not trying to play all the time…

The hardest part about this is the “not being able to do anything” part. I wanna play but I’m not allowed to.. Mommy wanna take long walks in the woods but we can’t. I think it’s harder for my hoomans than for me, I’m happy as long as they stay with me in my pen. They were informed about how hard it would be with my recovery but no one informed them about how hard it would be on them. But they are doing great and I try to show them that I’m doing fine without adventures right now. It’s not hard to make me happy, just give me food and cuddles! 😉


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