Some facts about my surgery!

So my surgery is done and I got a new hip!

For all of you who have followed me for a while know about my problems, for you who doesn’t know – you can read about it here: A life with hip dysplasia.

We have had a tough year with a lot of physical therapy, setbacks and pain. Of course we have had fun along the way too but it’s never fun to live with restrictions. And it hurts my hoomans to see me in pain.
So this autumn we decided to do a hip replacement surgery, with the help of my lovely followers on instagram, facebook and friends/family we manage to raise the money we needed! <3 We are forever great full.

Here is some facts:
When they do a hip replacement they remove the femoral head and replace it with one in titanium and they make you a new socket in titanium. It’s the same procedure they do on hoomans! And if you ask the hoomans, the pain after the surgery is not worse than the pain they had before. So hopefully I’m not in too much pain, even if I’m eating painkillers but I have done that for a long time.
You can see a animated movie over the procedure here:

It will be a couple of rough weeks now and rehab for about 6 months but I’m sure I will run fast as the wind again!

Here is my x-ray before and after the surgery, isn’t it cool?




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  1. Praying for you sweet dog 🙂 you will be all better soon!!! Thank god for your loving parents ❤ -friend from Oregon,USA

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