Test report – Hurtta Trainer’s vest

Test report from my hooman on the Hurtta Trainer’s vest.

I have been looking for a good training vest for a while now. I have had one from a different brand that made me so warm, no matter if it was cold or warm outside my clothes underneath was always damp. But this Trainer’s vest from Hurtta is made of breathable fabric, it doesn’t make me too warm or damp during walking or training.

The fabric is water repellent which of course is really good when you are out in the rain, you and your things in the pockets wont get soaking wet and it has a really good waterproof hood that is hidden in the collar so it isn’t in the way when you don’t need it.

The design isn’t just good looking, it’s also smart! It has everything you can wish for, a lot of pockets and good reflectors.
The pockets are great, the one on your left side has a removable pocket inside so you can have your treats in the pocket and just take it out for cleaning. I often uses meatballs when training obedience so you can imagine how happy I’m for that!
Then you have breast pockets and the one on your back which is really good to hide toys or your leash when you are training or just don’t like to carry it in your hand. The fabric is smooth and doesn’t prevents my movements at all.

I’m so happy that I got to try this vest and see the difference between a good vest and a “cheap” one. It truly helps me when training because everything that I need fits in the pockets even if it’s toys, a dumbbell or just a leash and of course treats. I also use it when we are out taking longer walks so I don’t need to bring a backpack for our stuff.


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