Three weeks after surgery

Three weeks since I had my total hip replacement surgery!

It’s amazing how well I’m doing after just three weeks, I can walk and stand on my own. But my hoomans uses the sling, the vet told them to use it all the time especially the first four weeks.

I’m on a lower dose painkiller than I were before the surgery and I seem to be less in pain now than before. I don’t limp or show any sign of discomfort. I actually put more weight on my left leg now than before the surgery. Isn’t that cool?

On Saturday I will get a full body massage from my physio therapist and next week I have my first physical training session!

I’m so happy we got this chance! <3

Can you see my fur is starting to grow?! (Sorry for all the nude pics…)

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  1. Fina Leia, vi är så glada att det gå framåt för dig. Fortsatt LYCKA TLL // Buster och matte

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