Total hip replacement surgery

Yesterday I had my total hip replacement surgery done!

My hoomans and I arrived to the veterinary hospital around 8 am and we got to meet the vet and her colleague. They were so nice and informed about the surgery. I got a lot of kisses from everyone!
After an hour long meeting they took me to another room and started prepping me for the surgery. Mommy and daddy went back to the hotel to wait for the vet to call.
They said that it was the longest day ever, that the waiting was hard on them because they were so nervous. But after eight hour the vet called and said that the surgery went great and that I was awake, tired but awake.

Now they will call once a day with an update about my condition, today I had eaten with a good appetite and was up walking a bit on my leg.

I always have two nurses with me when we are going out, one is supporting me with a harness and the other one is supporting with a sling under my belly so I will go slow without slipping.

And they are so nice at the clinic that they send some pictures of me everyday! They are taken with a mobile camera so you will have to excuse the quality. <3

Waking up after the surgery
Ready for my first walk
This is how we walk, together as a team!

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