Two weeks after surgery

Yesterday was two weeks since my surgery.

This second week has shown some results, I’m walking a lot more on my leg. The training we are doing everyday is going better and better. If you ask me I’m ready to run in the woods now!
But my hoomans says that I’m not allowed to run for 14 more weeks but that we will be able to take longer walks in just a couple of weeks. That’s sounds good to me, I’m a bit bored.

Last Friday we went to remove my stitches, it was good to get rid of them, so now I’m cone free! Bye bye cone of shame, see you never again! I hope…

This Monday we went back to work, I have gotten my own room with a nice bed and blankets. It was fun to be back and good with some routines.

Do you have any questions about my surgery, don’t hesitate to ask!

I have a new nickname now, Leia the transformer!

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