Winter wonderland

Wow, we got so much snow here in Stockholm yesterday!
We got almost 40 cm of snow in one day, we haven’t had this much snow this early in November in probably over 111 years!! It was crazy and I absolutely love it even tho if it’s really hard to find a spot where I can poop… But mommy was so nice so she made a spot where I could do my businesses!

Mom has packed up all my winter coats, it’s really important for me to keep warm when it’s cold outside. Otherwise I will get really stiff in my hip just because of the cold, that’s not fair! Stupid arthritis! But soon I will as good as new, thinking about giving my self a new name. Terminator Leia, how cool doesn’t that sound?

Have you seen my Gofundme page? It’s going so great, I don’t really know why but people seems to really like me and my hoomans! Hoomans are the best, we love you! <3



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